I wish I knew sooner that the power was within me. 

I wish I knew sooner that I had ‘the secret’

I wish I knew sooner that it didn’t have to be boring.

I wish I knew sooner that it didn’t have to require things that didn't feel good.

I wish I knew sooner that ‘the fluff’ wasn't necessary.

I wish I knew sooner that…

My DREAM BUSINESS was just waiting for me all along.


I’m a self made Multi Six Figure Business Mentor and after scaling my business to Multi Six Figures within 1 year, during a world pandemic, I realised how truly limitless our potential is as human beings. I realised that the dreams I held in my heart could ACTUALLY be held in my hands. And the same is available to you.


I have truly created my dream business where…

🌈 I am continuously booking out my offers (All price points) 

🌈 I get paid in my sleep because of the way business is set up.

🌈 I take weekends, evenings and regular days off.

🌈 I sell most of my offers without a sales page or even much detail because my audience is full of my soulmate people.

🌈 My launches feel fun and expansive AF and the energy I put into what I do is contagious - and so, my soulmate people just trust the pull. 

🌈 What even is boredom or burnout??? I could literally do THIS forever.

Business was not always like this, but when I look back on what I have done to create this, I see a CLEAR, SIMPLE formula. 

And I’m sharing everything you need to know to create your DREAM Business is inside: 

In my world, I combine strategy with energetics. You cannot do one without the other. I LOVE the mindset work. But you cannot just get caught up in personal development, journaling, audio books and podcasts but then not TAKE ACTION. 

Inside this programme I’m showing you the simplest, easiest way to strategically create your dream business by paving your path, and doing things YOUR WAY.

This isn't a step-by-step ‘this is my way or the highway’ kind of programme. 

I don't believe ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to business.

We all have a different idea of what our dream life looks like, so why should our businesses be any different? Why should you need to fit into someone elses ‘box’.

Inside this programme, I’m showing you what I have done to organically scale my business and create a life I absolutely love, but I am handing YOU BACK YOUR POWER. 

This is the ultimate fast track to getting to your goal in a way that feels fun, expansive and freeing and I have NEVER been this ready to teach it.

With my programmes, I like to do them LIVE so you can be in my energy and ask me questions, but I like my intuition to lead the way. The programme is set to be 4 weeks long, but may be longer.

🌈 Growing your audience with soulmate “I’M IN” clients. The strategy behind organically growing your instagram audience, without paying for a single Ad.

🌈 How to strategically set up your offers and business so that it fit’s in with the LIFE you desire to live, rather than fitting your life around your business. (You didn’t leave your 9-5 to be in business prison, let's fix this!)

🌈 How to intelligently design your offers and product suite so that you can take your client’s on a real journey with EACH and EVERY offer where they can literally benefit from every single offer. You don’t need to be relying on new clients all the time to generate income, this is about creating next level community and loyalty. 


🌈 Recurring clients + new clients = you grow FAST.


🌈 SALES. How to have more FUN and play with your selling. I sell in so many different ways and almost every day. Most of the time without all the details or a sales page, there is a method behind this and I’m sharing it with you so you can be paid in LIMITLESS ways and your launches NEVER feel like ‘launches’ - it just feels like life. 


🌈 The structure behind always having continuously growing income and never needing to put all your income ‘eggs’ in one programme/launch ‘basket’. Multiple offers at multiple different price points and being able to sell all the things, all the time creates that ‘safety’ and recurring income for months and months ahead.

This programme is for you if you feel truly ready to switch up the structure in your business and design your offers in a way that allows you to create a life you absolutely adore, whilst having MORE impact, more freedom and more FUN. 

Burn out, boring long launches and restriction is NOT the vibe in my world. 

If you know (and be honest) that the business you have now is not the business she always dreamed of, then YOUR DREAM BUSINESS, will help you create that. 

If you desire to feel fun, excitement and expansion daily in your business where you could literally just GO forever and ever, I promise there’s a way and it’s inside THIS live group programme.








  • You'll receive instant access to course content
  • You will receive forever access to the programme + updates
  • There will be a group where you can connect with all the other women inside.
    There are no refunds due to instant access to the programme.