Are you constantly anxious at the thought of money "running out?"

Do you feel panic and worry when thinking about your bills or money due?

Do you feel that you are just not the kind of person who will ever have money- because of your family, background, past experiences?

Is "I want that, but I can’t afford it right now" THE thing you’re constantly finding yourself saying?

Do you feel guilty for wanting more than you have or for what you already have?

Were you told as a child that ‘money doesn't grow on trees’ therefore as a result you are tight and fearful around money?

Do you dream BIGbut becoming wealthy actually feels impossible?

Do you feel like there is never enough money for you?

Do you feel uncomfortable and icky around money & sales?

Do you find that you can't seem to get past a certain number in savings or a certain amount in debt?

Do 'unexpected expenses' often wipe out the financial progress you've made?


If yes, you've come to the right place...

Being a coach for over 4 years now, one thing I kept hearing was:


‘Money is tight right now’

‘I can’t afford it’ 

‘I really need this but I’ll have to wait until I get my next client’

The more I heard this, the more I realised just how much the limitations of money were holding people back from what they truly wanted.


And I get it. I know what it's like to be that person because that was me 4 years ago. 

Money and the fear of ‘losing’ or ‘wasting’ it was THE thing constantly holding me back…I had always been brought up to be 'careful' with money, save as much as you can and always look for the best bargain or deal when spending money.

The beliefs in my family growing up were: ‘you have to get a good job to earn good money’ - meaning a doctor, surgeon, lawyer and other jobs I couldn’t IMAGINE doing.

‘You have to work really hard to earn money’ - meaning I wasn't just ‘worthy’ of wealth automatically, I had to work really hard to earn it.

‘Save as much money as you can because money doesn’t grow on trees’ 

‘Don’t share with people what you earn’

Money was always something I was taught to hold onto tightly -  that it would run out, and I must have savings or I wasn't ‘sensible’ and was putting myself at risk.

None of these were taught to me from a place of spite.

They were actually taught from a place of love.


But here's the thing:


Our parents can not teach us something they don’t know.

They were doing the very best they could to help me to grow up, have a good life and be protected by my savings if anything were to go ‘wrong’.

I went on to live most of my teenage years filled with fear around money, believing it could run out at any point, holding onto every penny and never...EVER, taking risks with money.


Until one day...the truth hit me.


 ðŸ–¤ Money is just an energy (like everything else) that's just responding to me. 

🖤 The way I think, feel, act and be around money is the way it shows up in my life.

🖤 I am the creator of my reality and can call my power back at any point. 

🖤 It's possible for me to reprogram my mind, embody new truths and beliefs and attract more money with less work, more ease.

I created The Worthy & Wealthy Academy because money was clogging up my brain, my energy for so long and was always the reason I envied others, worried daily and regularly said no to my desires.


When I discovered the things I teach you inside the course, my whole world changed. 

It changed so profoundly I couldn't NOT share it with the world. And so, I did. That's how this course came about.

The Worthy & Wealthy Academy is a transformational experience that has helped tons of women feel worthy of their desires, go after the goals they want and feel financially empowered around money.

Not to mention the countless women that attract and receive unexpected payments, tax rebates, pay rises and clients out of nowhere (And so many other amazing money situations) I've added some of the messages I've received from past students on this page.

I created this course because I discovered the truth behind making, attracting and receiving more money andI felt that what I knew (and had changed my life forever) had to be shared with other good-hearted women.

The course takes you from understanding how you are deeply loved, guided and supported by something bigger, to realising all the stories you’ve been holding onto about money that are sabotaging your efforts to make more...all the way to how to truly get clear on your desires and get into receiving mode.

 If you know your relationship with money is the thing holding you back from getting to that next level with your income and allowing receiving money to feel simple, obvious and constant then this is the course for you.

↠ Money is the main thing causing you stress and worry.

↠ You’re constantly saying 'no' to things because of your fear around money (even though you technically have enough).

↠ Random bills coming out or payments not yet refunded give you absolute panic and anxiety.

↠ You get yourself into a negative spiral of self doubt if a client decides to leave or a sales call doesn't close.

↠ Launching is stressful because you feel pressure and worry that you won't fill the spaces to hit your income goal

↠ You'd like to increase your prices but fear no one will pay them


This doesn't have to be your reality. 

Here's the thing:

You don't see yourself as wealthy.


You view yourself as still ‘struggling’

Or that you have to work more to be worthy of making the money you truly want. 

You see money as wrong or greedy to want.

You may even view money as ‘the route of all evil’


The truth is:

If you want financial, time and emotional freedom in your life…


You need to change the way you think, feel and BE around money.

You need to alter your self image to become the woman making the money & living the life you want.

You need to recognise the lies you've been living life from and reframe these beliefs to ones that attract money, not repel it.

And that’s what we'll do inside The Worthy and Wealthy Academy. 

The Worthy & Wealthy Academy is NOT just a 'money mindset' course.

It is a complete transformational experience that takes you from having deep emotional healing when it comes to money & your own worthiness, to finally breaking through glass ceilings of income and confidence, elevating you into levels you never even knew were possible.
This course will help you truly get rid of the fear and anxiety around money forever and live from a place of abundance, freedom and ease.  

This course has changed the lives of tones of women at this point...

✨ How to remove your unfulfilling thoughts around your own abilities & money so you can step into the worthy & worthy version of you that you’re born for.


✨ How your subconscious mind works and learn how to rearrange your current limiting beliefs around money that you got taught/picked up in childhood so that you can attract the money and happiness you were always meant to have.


✨ How to clear up, unblock and heal your past experiences with money so you can finally receive the natural flow of money that was always meant for you.


✨ How the energy of money works so you can attract, earn, release, save and invest money like it’s no big deal at all. - next level trust!


✨ How to get crystal clear on what you truly want, so you can live a life of wealth, freedom and passion 


✨ How to manifest your every desire, whilst feeling worthy AF & knowing its your absolute birthright to be wealthy and supported by money 

✨ How to embody your next level self from a place of faith - removing fear and anxiety around money so you can attract money more easily on a continuous basic


✨ How set energetic standards so you never make below a certain number. This is the magic that goes into creating consistent income.

You’ll learn my Unique Manifestation Process, and how it starts with you understanding the higher power, healing the past & childhood memories, recognising limiting beliefs that have been created and getting clear on exactly what you want to manifest. Without healing the past, money you manifest will just be temporary -This module lays down the foundations for life-lasting wealth.

(£1000 Value)

You’ll learn the next steps to manifesting your money desires. You will learn how to alter your self-image to become a natural money magnet, whilst understanding how to be a true vibrational match for the money you desire. I will teach you all the techniques I uses to simplify & speed up the manifestation process so you can quickly shift into being able to receive the abundance you desire.

(£1000 Value)

I will help you get clear on the energetic & practical ways you can feel good about releasing money. We will clear up your money leaks so you no longer feel frantic and anxious about bills/payouts. I will also help you remove shame and ‘buried under’ feelings when it comes to debt you may have, and completely free yourself from that feeling so you can attract more money quicker than ever before.

(£1000 Value)

Trust yourself, trust your nudges, and know you're being guided and supported. I teach you how to feel truly loved, worthy and supported by the universe. This module will leave you feeling incredibly empowered and supported on your journey so that you can continuously uplevel your financial reality. Feelings of fear, doubt and worry will be way easier to overcome quickly once watching module 4 - inevitably helping you to shift back into a place where you can receive abundance much quicker.

(£1000 Value)

💫 You'll be apart of the first ever (and only) updated LIVE round of this programme. You. Me. The other powerful women. BIG LIVE ENERGY inside this programme as you go on this transformational journey. 

💫You get access to an empowering high-vibe community inside our Facebook Group for additional support, love and advice from the other students and I.

💫 Worthy & Wealthy Workbook! This workbook is designed to prompt you and support you and as you go along the programme. It will provide a beautiful record of the goals you set and the process you went through as you manifest your desires.

💫 Journal prompts, powerful manifestation affirmations and homework included with each module.



4 live + recorded modules recorded with unlimited replays + lifetime updates to the course.

 Exclusive Facebook Support Group which I’m hanging out in throughout the course for support and extra advice + coaching.

Weekly workbook with transformational homework, journal prompts and empowering affirmations with each module.




£333 (Includes VAT)


4 live + recorded modules recorded with unlimited replays + lifetime updates to the course.

 Exclusive Facebook Support Group which I’m hanging out in throughout the course for support, extra advice and coaching.

Weekly workbook with transformational homework, journal prompts & empowering affirmations with each module.



 4 recorded modules recorded with unlimited replays + lifetime updates to the course.

 Exclusive Facebook Support Group which I’m hanging out in throughout the programme for support and extra advice + coaching.

Weekly workbook with transformational homework, journal prompts and empowering affirmations with each module.


✔ 4 weeks of 1:1 Monday-Friday Voxer support

✔ 1 x 60 Minute 1:1 Coaching Call with Tori


This course is held completely online!

There are 4 60-90 minute modules recorded for you and you will have unlimited replays + lifetime updates to this course.

(Meaning, anything I add to this course in the future, is automatically yours. CLINK CLINK!) 🥂

You will receive access to the exclusive Facebook Support Group which I’m hanging out in throughout the 4 week course for support, extra advice + coaching.

You will get instant access to Module 1 upon enrolment and then the other modules will come out weekly thereafter. 

You will receive a workbook each week with transformational homework, journal prompts and empowering affirmations with each module.

If you have any questions email [email protected]