Let’s cut to the juicy stuff, shall we?😜


As much as I’d love to say I’m a natural savage…becoming unapologetic didn’t come naturally for me. 


In fact…far from it. 


Growing up I felt like the awkward one out. I felt like my opinion didn’t seem important. 


I felt sharing my opinion would just make me annoying. 

Almost like…it didn’t really matter. 


I felt conflicted in myself for years because I knew something about me was just different. 


I knew I was meant for something BIG.


I just didn’t know how to take that feeling…and be unapologetic about it. 


I felt…filtered. 

Like I couldn’t say what I *ACTUALLY* wanted to say.


I was afraid of triggering/upsetting others, being seen as “the mean one” and worried what they would think of me if I was bold and said what I was actually thinking.


I questioned every single thing I ever said…


And it held me back in business. 


But most importantly it held me back from feeling free and feeling truly…ME. 


Until I decided I was done. 

I was done playing small, hiding my truth and filtering everything so I could keep others comfortable. 

I looked at my thought patterns, my beliefs about myself (and others), I looked at my fears, my shadows, the parts of me that felt afraid and held back. 


And one by one…

I started to heal them. 


As I went along my self development, personal empowerment journey, it finally clicked. 


I found the part of me that was bold. 




Un-afraid to speak her truth. 




No longer filtering or second guessing herself. 


And my business

E X P L O D E D. 

I started taking action unapologetically.


Writing content unapologetically.

Speaking my truth unapologetically.

Selling unapologetically. 

Showing up unapologetically.

Raising my rates unapologetically.


And people could FEEL IT.🔥🔥


It felt like I’d stepped into a completely new version of myself… but the truth is, it wasn’t new. 


It was simply who I was always meant to be. 


Below all the conditioning, the fear of judgement, fear of failure and limiting beliefs…


It was who I always WAS. 


And finally…she was unleashed. 


Where I show you how to step into unshakeable power and become the most unapologetic, confident, self expressed version of you.💋


And no, this isn’t just your basic b*tch, surface level mindset course. 


This is the deep “work” that has allowed me to scale my business to Multiple Six Figures…even when strategically it made no sense. 


This is the work where you finally let yourself loose. 


You find yourself. 


You love yourself. 


You set yourself free.


And you become unapologetic in the pursuit of your goals as you step into the unapologetic YOU.


Ready to unleash her???

If you’re liking the sound of this but still not sure if UNAPOLOGETIC is for you, feel into if any of these sound like you…


 You seem hella confident online but then have a complete mental breakdown to your coach BTS because no one’s reached out and it’s *already*😉 been 2 days.


 You find yourself excited when you begin a launch but soon that excitement wears off. 


 You constantly worry and question what others are thinking of you…of how you show up…the things you say. 


 You feel inferior to other successful women online. They just seem…”better” than you. It almost feels like in order to get to your next level you need to be and speak more like them.


 You show up inconsistently because your mindset is so up and down. 


 When you pitch an offer you can’t stop “checking in” just to see if anyone is interested. And if they’re not, you get instantly disheartened and question EVERYTHING. 


✖ You obsess over the numbers. Your numbers mean a wholeeeee lot about you - income, story views, engagement. If it’s not what you want, it’s triggering AF and sends you into a downward spiral. 


 You WANT to increase your prices but you’re afraid no one’s going to pay them, after all, it already feels hard to sell at *this* price. 


 You know your work changes lives but you still can’t help but feel worried you’re “selling too much” and boring your audience.

If you resonated with any of those…chances are, the strategy isn’t what’s keeping you stuck.


Your identity is.

Inside UNAPOLOGETIC, I show you how to step into unshakeable power and become the most unapologetic, confident, self expressed version of you.💋


Because in *this* industry, people buy from confident people.


If you’re shaky…people feel it.


If you’re constantly questioning…people feel it.


If you’re constantly making decisions from a place of fear Vs power…people feel it.


If you’re trying to speak in someone else’s voice…people feel it.

But likewise, people ALSO feel:


A woman in her POWER🔥


A woman that TRUSTS herself👌


A woman that BACKS herself💯


A woman that goes first💋


A woman that makes BOLD moves🌶


 A woman…that’s UNAPOLOGETIC.


And that’s MAGNETIC AF💋💋

The fact of the matter is…people just buy from confident people who remain in their power and show up unapologetically in their truth.💯 


If you want to:


💸Be signing clients more effortlessly into your offers. 


😮‍💨Have people continuously joining your Private coaching at higher and higher prices.


💋 Attract higher level clients


👌Collapse the time between someone FINDING you and PAYING you.

UNAPOLOGETIC is where I show you how to make that possible.💯 


The shifts can happen quick. 


The intentions can manifest fast. 


The process is simple AF.


I can’t wait to teach this.


It’s the foundation that’s holds EVERYTHING together in my business.💋


These are the things that took me from feeling shaky at Six Figures to MASTERING Multiple Six Figures🤌


When you make these energetic refinements and commit yourself to the INTERNAL shifts… 
everything changes. 


You show up differently.


People see you differently. 


They read your content differently. 


It lands differently. 


And so they move into your world differently.

Bold women attract bold AF clients. Which make bold AF moves.💁‍♀️


If you want more bold moves being made into your world…you have to commit to becoming the most bold version of you, FIRST. It’s how energy works.


We start August 16th.  




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