In 2020 my company brought in over £150,000.


And on Jan 1st, 2021, I promised myself I’d let sales and receiving money in my business feel more easy than ever before. 

But I knew this year it was time to go bigger. Make more, whilst doing less. 

✘ No more “pushing” my programme

✘ No “Convincing” people of my worth 

✘ No more “Hard Launching” (Showing up every day)

✘ No more “engaging with my ideal client so that they will buy.”

I decided to allow receiving clients, payments and income out of nowhere to be easy & to flow in more naturally than ever before. 

And not just any clients,

Soul-aligned Clients.


Let me break it down to you, Soul-Aligned clients are:

🖤 Ready and willing to pay whatever the cost

🖤 Obsessed with your energy and personality

🖤 Don't require more than a few DMs to purchase (If that!)

🖤 Want to buy...all of your offers...all of the time



Sound dreamy, but crazy?


Weeeeell, kinda crazy... CRAZY POSSIBLE. 

I can say this because since Jan 1st, this has been my total reality. 

Within a couple of months, my company has brought in over £55,000. (That was my total annual income in 2019)  all while working less than I ever have before.

Better yet, less ‘selling’ than I ever have before- I haven't done a sales call for almost a year. 

✔ I had clients ask to pay me early.

✔ I had clients asking to pay in full.

✔ I had clients come out of nowhere asking to buy a course I wasn't even promoting.

Something magical had happened. 

I became Soul-Aligned.



I now attract ready to buy, soul-aligned clients, fast

This isn't by accident, it is all intentional. 

I have my power back.

I no longer put other successful coaches on a pedestal.

I am good enough, ready and capable, now.

I let it be easy, now.

And I am going to teach you how to take your power back too. You ready?


Let's Skip To The Deets:


 We’ll spend 6 weeks together creating your most easy, soul-aligned, high ticket sales


  A new training will be released each week to teach you my step-by-step process of the Soul-Aligned Sales Process with the according soulwork! You’ll have forever access to the playbacks too so you won't miss a thing!


 Each week, I’ll be giving you Soul-Work (Homework hehe) so you can implement everything taught inside the trainings and see mind-blowing results week after week.

You'll receive bonus content which includes: 

My simplified formula to grow your audience with soul-aligned women, story prompts so you always know how to show up in your power each day on your IG stories and Launch prompts so you are well equipped to write soul-aligned content with ease.

Sound PERFECT? Keep reading.

Soul Aligned Sales Are Sales That Feel EasyEffortless And Fast With Women You Connect With On A Soul Level.


And I truly believe that soul-aligned sales come from 4 main things: 

What you Say & Do = The Strategy 

How you Feel/Be = The Energy

Inside this course you’ll learn my full Soul-Aligned Sales Process so you can start closing high ticket sales, with ease (No icky sales tactics).

What's Covered:

The Full Process

Up front, in overview. So you can get started right away selling high-ticket sales with ease from Week 1 alone.

What you SAY

I’ll teach you my exact method for positioning my offers so they sell quickly and easily, to the soul-aligned clients. This method is all about the way you position your programmes but also yourself as a coach.

What You DO

My step by step Sales, Marketing and pricing strategy for easy, soul-aligned (And high ticket) sales. Making content feel easy and effortless, and needing to do less than ever. No need for months of back and forth in the DMs. No rules.

How You FEEL

How you FEEL. About yourself, about your offers, about your pricing and about sales. This week you’ll discover how Soul Aligned Sales come from within as we remove any resistance ands resentment against selling. Selling is of high service.

How You BE

How you BE. The vibe of being the Soul Aligned Coach. How to attract soulmate clients without saying a WORD. This all comes from the way you be. #VibesDontLie

Soul Aligned Launching

A part of becoming the non-negotiable choice for your ideal client is the way in which you show up to sell. No need for sales calls, sales pages, fancy websites or anything else. This week we’ll create the perfect launch strategy for you, so you can effortlessly launch without burning out.


I have...

✘ Launched month after month, in an unaligned strategy, giving my power away to other mentors (just mimicking what they do) and not trusting my own guidance. 

✘ I’ve felt afraid to ‘pitch’ to someone if I truly felt like I could help them, because of the fear of coming across salesy. 

✘ I’ve followed sales scripts and felt desperate around getting the sale (being honest)



And I've Also...

✔ Sold high ticket coaching with less ‘selling’ or ‘showing up’ than ever before

✔ Let sales come to ME, vs going out and chasing them.

✔ Sent invoices/links to pay me after just a few messages vs months of back and forth, and had them paid the same day

✔ Found my soul-aligned clients, that just ‘get’ everything I say and are willing and ready to pay me. 

The latter does not take any more experience, professionalism or fancy marketing.

Quite the opposite actually. 

It requires you to be more unapologetically YOU than ever before. 

✰ Ready for “Ease, Calm and Overflow” to be your 3 words to represent 2021 too???

✰ Ready for Soul-Aligned, easy, high ticket sales? 

✰ Ready to embrace unwavering confidence in who you are and what you do? 

Okay, Empowered Woman- LET'S DO THIS.

Door close in