They matter.



They matter.

We're in a time in the coaching industry where people are not just buying because of what you know.

They’re buying because of WHO you are. 

And after building a Multiple Six Figure Business from social media alone and selling in a way that makes literally no logical sense, I have never been more ready to lead other women through a programme like this.  

And defy the odds TOGETHER.


with Tori Gaynor

The programme to harness your power on social media to effortlessly attract and consistently sign soulmate clients.

The content of this programme is literally THE foundation in which my whole business is built on. Mastering these simple yet powerful things on a consistent basis, has been the key to my success in business. I’m not special. Nor do I have bright pink hair. I don’t physically ‘stand out’ yet people message me every day asking me how they can work with me.

Pure magnetism doesn't come from physical appearance, a large following or being perfect. 

It comes from a mastery of very simple principles. 


And here’s the thing...most coaches aren’t doing these things. 


And that's why most coaches are still offering sales calls, “coffee chats” and having long drawn out conversations in order to get sales.


👉 When you master a strong social media presence, an authentic yet authoritative brand and harness the power of your energy, people join things without needing details. Without needing a name, a logo, a call, a chat, a... anything but the link. 

They’re already IN, Because it’s YOU teaching it...

People buy from people they trust but also feel a deep connection to at the same time.

The difference between someone finding you inspiring and actually wanting to PAY the MAGNETISM part.

If you want your business to grow consistently in sales through social media alone, without needing to do a single sales call ever again or even using sales pages, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading.🔥

People come into my world by ASKING me to join. 

A lot of the time people join the same day as finding me.

People buy programmes I am selling without even a name, without an official start date, call times or tiny details.


But I'm doing it. 


It's the PULL.

They don't know WHAT is it, but they just feel it. 

Do you ever just feel "it"? 


Like you don't know why you're drawn to a certain person, but you just ARE. 

This is a result of WHO they are. Not just what they know.

This is the brand. This is their social media. This is their content. Their words. Their energy. 


Here’s the truth about making more sales in your business through social media…


People have to buy into YOU before they buy into your products/services. 

So this means being seen as someone who:

✨ They can trust.

✨ They connect with.

✨ They relate to. 

 ✨ They see as a leader. 

✨ Has the results they want. 

✨ Is confident AF in who she is. 

When you master these things every single day within your brand, your people will feel a PULL to work with you that they cannot explain. 

And there's a secret to women continuously feeling "THE PULL" to your work... 

And that’s exactly what you’ll master inside...

 We will dive deep into..


Code 1:  Attracting READY to buy clients

Code 2: Creating Magnetic content

Code 3: why consistency is magnetising

Code 4: Creating a magnetic brand

Code 5: Visual branding for magnetism 

Code 6: Magnetic SALES

Code 7: Magnetic energetic hacks 

Code 8: Magnetic Launches



You get THE ONE THING MASTERCLASS included as a bonus +


Bonus Pre work Modules: 

What magnetism ACTUALLY is

✨ How to ACTIVATE your magnetism

✨ WHY & HOW people feel a “pull” 

You’re going to learn exactly how to be strategic whilst keeping things SIMPLE with your marketing. 

I’m talking about easily and effortlessly creating MAGNETIC content that sells. 

No more sales calls. No lengthy voice notes in the DMs.

This is how you attract “Send me the link” kinda people. 

And scale your business without all the things people tell you that you need. 

 We’re cutting the noise and pathing your own way as a LEADER in the coaching industry.

You’re gonna see how you can sell ALL THE THINGS...All the time. Without burning out. Without long, boring, drawn out launches. Without a huge following. 

And attracting clients who don't need much other than the LINK. This programme is where the REAL tea is spilt.

Authority. Power. Confidence. Leadership.

You’ll never feel the same after integrating this work.

You’ll be mind blown at how simple business, sales, making more money truly gets to be when you take your brand, your marketing and social media content to the next level.

I am so excited.

We start November 15th.

So, if you FEEL IT, TRUST IT. 

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